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NaKeD TrutH BeNEatH BLiNd FaiTH oF wOrK eThiC's !!

                             Take my hand and I will follow you, Follow me where I go what I do and who I know all the way...jOhN DeNveR

hErE i aM, THiS iS Me...
Don’t you think there is something which has changed in our society? Don’t you feel that there is something which we overlook or probably we have forgotten? For those who haven’t understood let me share that I am talking about Ethics. Be it our Personal life or even our professional we tend to overlook our values which in turn takes us on the path of disagreements, conflicts plus inconsistency. 
dO yOu HaVe iT?
Ethics akin to standards are the basic foundation of a human being. Some of you in your daily lives are occupied with Personal and professional circumstances or conditions where in you have to take decisions which are based on your inherited moral values and Ethics while there would be some who will have to deal with these situations using morality from society, Religious as well as experiences which they had gathered during there life time. There aren’t any if’s and but’s when we talk about ethics or moral values. By this I mean that the Principles or values which are established within you by your Parents, Society, religion as well as various other diverse factors are present inside you or either you don’t hold these ingredients. In short either you have moral values and principles or you don’t.
EithEr YoUr TruE To Ur OwN SelF or YoUr NoT ...
Many of us will either be truthful or we wont, in addition to the above either you are sincere or you are not. Ethics or the so called moral values as well as principles are aspects which help and outlines in depicting and understanding as how people will take decisive actions on a similar situation.
What Do YoU ThInK ?
Therefore these Values act as a foundation for a society and People amalgamation. Genuineness, Honesty, Integrity, Sincerity, Honor, Respect, openness and a variety of similar elements helps one to think as well as execute each day’s responsibility. Today in our daily chores whatever we do or execute is influenced by a thought process; a process which is based on influence, Experiences, Examples, social and Religious Obligations, our Family and loved ones, Teachers, Friends/Peers. Personal values or ethics is a part and segment of philosophical studies; it shows as how an individual reacts to a situation. Being human it’s in our nature that we have to take and act upon the foundation of morality and principles as explained above. 
LoCaTe ThE DiFFeRenCe's?
At present many individuals or philosophers feel that personal ethics are different from Business ethics. But if we look deeply into the subject then we can clearly find evidence that professional decisions plus work activities are too based on one’s personal values and experience. There could be a difference in the way one handles a situation but then our decision which we take in our Personal as well as Professional life’s have one critical thing in common and it can also be taken as an evidence to eradicate the differences in both ideologies. The common and critical factor is the affect; Yes! The decisions which we take during our professional and personal life affects all areas of life and that includes family, loved ones, co-workers, Professional contacts, Relationships. If we reflect morality and integrity in both categorizes of life then I am sure that our influence as a Person on others will be great.
ProFessiOnaL aNd PeRsoNal LiFe EtHic'S
At the moment it seems as I am getting drifted from the original topic but then these are common factors which supports a person in his Professional life. That being said I will surely explain and pen down ethics s well as its importance in our Personal lives; henceforth let me share some valuable information on The Naked Truth beneath Blind Faith of Company Ethics.
ThE UgLy TrUtH...
I hope you might have understood and recalled from the above said as well as from your own experiences as how an individual can execute a responsibility. Every decision of yours is supported on the base and exclusive belief of Ethics. Consequently these personal codes of conduct are also used during your Professional career path. Moreover one cannot ignore the fact that today organizations want there employees to maintain a respect and dignity in one's own society. Now to do that they want there employee to follow ethical norms of society, therefore one wont deny that Professional ethics are too dependent on personal ethics.
Don'T YoU ThiNk So?
Give a thought guys and you will tend to understand as what I am trying to share. If you try to understand this journey of Professional ethics then you will understand and come face to face with an effortless truth that these moral values as well as ethics are the necessary factors which makes an individual a leader and helps them to rise in there Career path. These values are similar to the ones which we use in our daily life’s and ask our childrens to use. So Once you start playing with your Professional Ethics then its very much sure that your Personal Life Will be Hampered more/less. Furthermore in near future this impact would only increase. By the way have you guys ever thought as what would be the condition of the coming generations?; Will they be happy and stay sincere? Aren't we forcing them to a Future which is GoinG to HavE No Ethics?
Do YoU HavE an AnsWeR?
In today’s world you will find many individuals who have the basic philosophy plus thought process which they facilitate/encourage that if they aren’t hurting and hampering anyone then they can do whatever they desire. Many of you will disagree to the said statement but then this nude truth wont change. 
aNd iT's a WroNg WaY....
Yes! Thoughts like this in turn enforce a person to indulge in work politics. The complimentary visage of the imaginative, inventive as well as shrewdness plus person’s intelligence is always ambitious and greedy for supremacy, identification, acknowledgment, recognition, power and influence. Humans are more inclined towards there own interests and needs which in turn helps them to decide and understand that there own priorities plus requirements are critical than others.  Now for example if you turn on your idiot box which people call TV; you will try watching a channel which interests you, above all if you had a bad day, your will prefer either to close the TV set or else you will watch something which is not going to make you worse. Being Humans we tend to foresee that our own necessities are more important than others. Henceforth you will tend to use this process or principle in your professional environment too.
hmmm.. Hard to Decide..
In this competitive world every professional individual is running a sprint marathon. People who are working in a professional organization are executing there professional responsibilities with a dream to get more happiness and money. With a dream in mind and a mission to succeed in life will make you struggle for all the above mentioned elements. I am not saying that you need to stop dreaming or YOU don’t have the right to stay happy. What I simply mean is that when you struggle as well as explore a new way to bring in additional happiness to your family and self MANY of you will tend to indulge in practices or mind games which will automatically arise from the inquisitive mind.
KeEp GoInG......
The consistent effort in performing or gaining authority will make you struggle and further it enforces to fight for the dream milestones. This constant struggle for power and identification sometimes impose You and your curious minds to use practices which probably reaches a high point one day and then some of your professional peers will indict you of playing Politics; further more during the course towards accomplishments, many of you tend to anticipate as what you are into and many get blamed for what they never wanted to do; but then its not about what they foresee or what you used to think during the start of the career. It’s about the behavior change which indulges and forces you into Work Politics. 
EthiC's... MoraL's...ValUe's
Before I go any further let me be straight forward that No organization is and will be completely free from the politics. Now different individuals might have there own definitions for Office politics; however what I feel is that office politics or work diplomacy refers to the use and manipulation of situations, power and people to secure their position, gain from the situation, let others down or even increase their own power, image and status within the organization.
MaNipulaTion, PromoTion, JealousY...
If I am talking about politics then let me illuminate that many of us will comprehend to the truth that Politics can either be organized or implemented by a Single Person or it can be executed by a small Group/Team. Of course, being into the thoughts of demoting others or seeking a self promotion or probably both, contradicting ideologies, back biting, **s licking, Jealousy, wicked spirit bosses, 
ThE abOve SaiD SpeciEs cAn Be FounD in EvErY OrgaNizaTion..... 
Mystery viewpoint and actions of colleagues and many more – politics can be observed at every Nook and corner of each Organization. In fact today the word Politics can be seen at every sphere and place of Human atmosphere. Henceforth one must agree that No organization will ever be free from Politics.
believe iT or NoT buT iT haPpEns!!
There may be rigid or stringent rules of ETHICS AND code of conducts in diverse organization however in many organizations they are hardly practiced and for those who follow one can still find people either indulging into or breaking the so called Ethics…. Any Organization which proclaims that they have strict Ethics plus none of there employees get into office politics; is NEVER TRUE however many CEO, CFO, Managing Directors, Stake Holders would have the backbone to speak out that small bit and bytes of office Politics is unavoidable and can still be seen. So what does that mean?... 
One CaN HarDly DenY ....
does it clearly says that they don’t have employees who entertain such activities or it means that Yes! Double ideologies or Double standards, self endorsement, self-encouragement, self promotion, satisfying the quest of ones own ego cannot be ignored irrespective of the organization ethical values. Yes. Some might do it for fear or some will make up to take a short cut to there long professional career. Today the world of professional is lost into a thought that a higher position in an organization will bring in more money; which in turn will bring in more happiness, however in this pursuit these human beings have corrupted there mind sets. 
tHerE is SureLy a DiscOnnEct BetWeeN You aNd YouR iNnEr SeLf...
Many of you will disagree and state that one has to got through the politics of the organization irrespective of the ethical process; but then guys who is asking you to be a part of such initiatives; who is forcing you to change your own personal ethics? People understand this that neither your are not Kids nor your minds are under construction. So be what you are, speak what you feel...
WakE Up Guy's !!
I wont buy if you guys say that one automatically/unintentionally gets trapped; in addition to the above even if you guys share that its very hard to evade such practices then let me tell you friends, this post should clear your doubts. If you have your Personal ethics moving in an accurate direction and if you are honest to your own self then NO SINGLE person on this earth will have the GUTS to misguide you. Everything starts with an undersized thought or with a dream to fulfill a small goal which is rather irrelevant at that particular time. Furthermore people feel that no one should loose an opportunity which they receive during there work life; but then guys do you want to seize an opportunity by compromising your own personal ethics or moral values. If your answer is yes! Then I am very much sure that for an opportunity which helps you in getting a higher position or a professional incentive will surely change you as a Human being and will distress your personal life as well! at this instant if you ask how? then you need to Read on further…
ReaD On ...
You captured an occasion as well as you felt that it has given you a good career boost; now in near future you will tend to find such events and if they don’t occur your mind will automatically start asking you questions. You will try finding a small clue which might give you a professional boost; you will try persuading others to fulfill your own imaginative dreams. At this time these small occasions will make you selfish and self centered. This in turn will make you self-seeking and egoistic. So where ever you see work politics you will find people with such attributes; although these aspects might have given them good professional incentives in terms of money, position, Transfer etc. however all the above said ingredients will not only make YOU Insensitive in YOUR professional life but it will also make YOU narcissistic or in short selfish in your personal life.
WhAt All We NeeD?
The harsh and unsympathetic central idea of this post is that Yes! We do have a problem. We Just Cant see ethics Flying out in the open air of our Offices; 
HeY! iTs HiGh TimE..
Guys Understand that we all have a choice; we do have options and ways to walk on and change things. Neither i want to suggest that you should stop using Code of Conducts and Ethical policies in Organizations, but then we need to find better ways, we need to get a solution. in short always try finding options and i am sure one will always get..

TalK to YouR OwN SeLF...YoU will AlwayS FinD an AnSweR...

Over here I am neither sharing that I am interested in such politics nor I am a victim of these mind games, further more its not about the ones who have made these standards a Tradition or its not about When they have chosen these characteristics but then this post is about the NUDE TRUTH which is BENEATH the WORK CULTURE. Why one has to go through his/her moral renovation? Is this change required? Can work politics be good? 

CaN WoRk PoliTiC's Be GooD?

Why one has to alter his Human conduct? What should one do in such a situation? Probably the answer lies beneath a sound Logic which is “Confidence” and others factors which you will read in My NEXT POST….. TiLL Then Do a Self Assessment you will find in ManY Answer's
AnD pRoBaBLy  ManY QuesTioN's!!

and KeeP SmiLinG !!!

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