Monday, 25 April 2011

NaKeD TrUtH BeNeaTh bLinND FaiTh iN ReliGiON’S !!!

This iS what ReliGion OffeR'S
 Under no circumstances can we all be right, so duly reading this do not feel hurt and think that you are the only sole guardian of your Religion and this is for the reason being that or should is say this is for the NAKED TRUTH that there are people who believe in GOD and Religion but they would hardly know any truth or any facts behind this whole viscous circle. This environment of Truth cannot help everyone and all to be right; some of us might be true and right but then there would be some who are wrong.  Before going any further do realize and comprehend that there is nothing WRONG in being RIGHT and there is nothing WRONG in BEING WRONG however use your established senses and be answerable as to what you read and realize…
InsteaD of understanding our True Self  We Tend To to Follow what Other's saY

When talking about God and conversing on the topic of worshipping the deities; people believe and find no reason to search beneath the Faith henceforth the distorted information is embedded as an UNIVERSAL TRUTH in there blood and brains. Now what could be the reason or what made them believe; was it the thought which forced them to Believe that there is something supernatural which is maintaining a balance or is that they are following a herd of people which feel that Yes GOD does exists…… So duly inspect and understand this post and realize that there is nothing wrong in examining the subject…believers in Religion and God get offended and insulted when they tend to be a part of discussions or should I say arguments when the NON BELIEVERS tend to tell the theists that they are right in the information which they are providing and explain that all there beliefs in Religion and God are all theoretical as well as incorrect.

DiversE ReliGiON !!
My EFFORT'S over here would not be to convince you people and make you understand that there is no religion and no god. but then as a fact this is one of the HOT Arguments and discussion which is going on between believers and non believers….If i talk about the believers of Religion and GOD they tend to  ENCOURAGE that they have faith in a power which is invisible and hence the Religion and in turn creation of GOD or vice versa. But then if I talk about atheists they have all the answers to not believing the so called Religion and there deities which includes that there is nothing which is supernatural..
GO oN ReADiNg FurTheR....
This can be explained in a way as People are more inclined to feel and understand what’s good to them and what makes them happy and comfortable; however they never think that what they believe is even TRUE or they are just following the herds of believers. Even if these Individual judge the NAKED TRUTH behind various Religion and beneath the Creation of GOD……. they will pretend and act as if there is NO possible explanation to arguments on GOD and diverse RELIGIONS. Now let me be very CLEAR, HARSH as well as STRAIGHT FORWARD and help you as why these individuals act in such a way…..
It's TruE ...
Almost certainly they fear and are afraid that there action on the above subject might offend and upset the believers or the people whom they love and adore which in turn would bring in embarrassment and humiliation to there individuality…. Or they are afraid due to the fact that they themselves lack confidence in the Hidden Truth which in turn burns down there morale in believing the NAKED TRUTH as they think that God and Religion is something which has been a belief for so may decades and centuries and hence for the same many followers tend to have faith without even examining as to what they are going into……….. Now taking this as a fact and evidence they themselves do not think there own faith is TRUE or VAGUE…These individuals presenting faith as there knowledge and awareness consider that there is no difference between what a Person is Believing and who they are as a person…….. If the Non believers try explaining them they feel offended and feel as if they are assaulted or attacked and this is due to the NAKED TRUTH that they feel that a attack on there faith/beliefs is an ATTACK on a PERSON ….Knowingly they tend to act and pretend that they understand what Non Believers are going through but then THE REAL TRUTH IS that themselves aren’t even aware of what there BELIEF’S are all ABOUT…..The worst part of these Followers and Believers is that they have blocked there minds and there senses tend to reject what the NON BELIVERS say…. till the time i update my post do give a throught...............

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